St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center

You Have No Idea…

I have to start this out with a huge thank you to everyone who has gifted the Center over the last several months. You have no idea how many lives you have touched, how many projects and programs you have supported, the ways that you have paved the road for innovation and creativity so that those who seek help will be assisted with what they need in the best way possible. Thank you for investing in the work of the Center. You have no idea.

The Affordable Care Act has helped thousands of people in New York State get insurance, either through Medicaid or purchasing an affordable Health Plan. But many people remain uninsured for a variety of reasons and because of your support we can maintain high quality services for these patients.

Many people have “insurance they cannot afford to use.” We hear stories on a daily basis of those who have insurance but they cannot afford the co-pays for some services such as mental health, physical therapy, chiropractic and dental. Because of your support we can offer these services at an affordable rate.

We have a Health Access Program, open to anyone in the community, where individuals can get assistance in determining their eligibility for public or private insurance, get help with applications, or choose the option to stay at the Center for health care. You have no idea how valuable your donations are in sustaining this level of assistance.

We depend on your donations from our wish list, everything from paper products and coffee, to over-the-counter medications and durable goods, to grocery gift cards, to ice melt for our winter icy sidewalks. You have no idea how much these things help in sustaining the mission.

Over the next few months we will be implementing an Electronic Medical Record system. This will enable us to enhance our patient care and tracking and give the patients and clients a better health care experience. The ability to collect and analyze data on our very particular population of uninsured and underinsured is valuable to community health planners to design systems for this “invisible” population. We are happy to be able to add valuable data for community planning. This is a $150,000 financial venture for us and we hope you can help with the EMR project which will launch us more effectively into the future.

Recently the Center was awarded the Farash Foundation Prize for Social Entrepreneurship. This prize recognizes innovative and impactful work that enhances the community in the long term. I hope that you know how much you share in this recognition. Without your support and belief in the work of the Center the past twenty years this would not have happened.

These are just a few exciting ways that you sustain our work and help us go into the future with a flexibility that these times call for. You have no idea the impact that your support makes now and into 2015. During this annual appeal time I want to thank you for considering your year-end gift to the Center. May you be blessed with the spirit of the season and grace-filled holidays.

–Christine Wagner, SSJ


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