St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center

Prayers of Healing

There is a big yellow, wooden box in the waiting room at the Center. It has a slot in the top like a ballot box. The sign on top of the box invites any visitor to write the names of those for whom they wish health and healing on quarter size pieces of paper and place them in the box.

On the first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 AM a group gathers, usually staff, and spends time in meditative prayer with these requests. The context of our prayer is universal – a candle is lit recognizing each of the nine major world faith traditions – traditions that all worship the same God.

All present are also invited to write down the names of people they want to remember in healing prayer. Often we have 30-40 names. Each person’s name is spoken and they are envisioned in complete health of body, mind and spirit by the group assembled.

It is a powerful experience knowing that others have placed themselves and their loved ones in trust to the power of prayer and that we share belief in the one God who inspires people of faith everywhere.

Our model of services at the Center is built to be comprehensive and integrated. We often talk about the importance of a bio/psycho/social/spiritual approach to care. The spiritual can be manifested in many ways – praying with and for those we serve is a deep and rich experience. You are invited to this monthly prayer. You are also invited to let us know the names of those for whom you wish healing – whatever healing means. We will add their names to our prayer list.

You will find this Newsletter packed with information and updates – a testament to the committed spirit of those connected to the Center. I invite you to learn about our Health Access Department which daily guides people through the intricacies of finding health care. We are pleased to announce early details on our 21st Annual Party and Auction, this year chaired by our good friends Tom and Betty Richards.

Please take some time to read about the work we have embarked on in the area of diversity and race, about our 4th year medical students and their “CHIC” projects and our wonderful new relationship with the Garbach Family as they build a legacy in memory of their daughter Megan.

On the back of the Newsletter are two simple invitations to you: an invitation to breakfast on any third Wednesday of the month and an invitation to consider naming the Center as your United Way Donor Option. Our number is 2017. Thank you for the many ways you are grace to us – through your prayers, your gifts and donations; all the blessings you bring.

We have many exciting challenges ahead of us as we respond to needs in the community. Your support is essential because “Health Is A Community Effort.”

–Christine Wagner, SSJ


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