St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center

Fifth Annual ROC-the-DAY raises $26,378 for St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center

The fifth annual Roc-the-Day proved to be a fifth annual success for St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center. December 1st was Giving Tuesday as well as the annual community-wide 24-hour period of online giving, sponsored by the United Way. “Roc Star” donors who logged onto during this 24–hour period were able to designate their gift to a specific agency, such as St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center.

By midnight, the total of online gifts designated to St. Joseph’s reached $14,868. A matching-gift donor had pledged up to $10,000, which can now be added to that total. Mail-in gifts and a lobby collection box at the Center brought in another $450. In addition, the Center will receive $1,050 in bonuses from the site’s contests over the day. All in all, $26,378 came to Center, by way of this one special event. More than $865,000 benefitted non-profit organizations throughout the community.

“We are always amazed at the community’s generosity on Roc the Day. Thanks to our donors, the gifts that we will receive will be a tremendous support to the Neighborhood Center. We are pleased for all the other non-profits as well,” said Christine Wagner, SSJ, Executive Director of the Center. “Our community is very caring and generous.”


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