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Sixth Annual ROC-the-DAY raises $37,346 for St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center

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The sixth annual Roc-the-Day proved to be the most successful one yet for St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center. November 29th was Giving Tuesday as well as Roc-the-Day, the annual community-wide 24-hour period of online giving, sponsored by the United Way. “Roc Star” donors who logged onto during this 24–hour period were able to designate their gift to a specific agency, such as St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center.

By midnight, the total of online gifts designated to St. Joseph’s reached $16,115. Mail-in gifts and a lobby collection box at the Center brought in another $1558. In addition, the Center will receive $1,000 in bonuses from the site’s contests over the day. That totals $18, 673, which was matched by two generous matching gift donors, for a grand total of $37,346 in one day, by way of this one special event. And, more than $757,000 benefitted non-profit organizations throughout the community.

“We are always amazed at the generosity of our community on Roc the Day. Thanks to our donors, these gifts will be a tremendous support to the Neighborhood Center’s programs. We are pleased for all the other non-profits as well,” said Christine Wagner, SSJ, Executive Director of the Center. “Our community is very caring and generous.”

The Center, which opened in 1993, provides medical, dental and mental health services to more than 1500 uninsured and under-insured people each year, from Rochester and eight surrounding counties. The Center also helps another 1000 people each year to access appropriate health care plans. For more information, call (585) 325-5260.


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