Frequently Asked Questions
How can I receive services at St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center?
Call our Healthcare Access Team at (585) 325-5260 to make arrangements for a Healthcare Access appointment. This appointment is free and will take just twenty to thirty minutes. Your financial and medical history will be discussed. We can help arrange a meeting with a certified Navigator for the NY State of Health Marketplace, so that you may apply here for affordable healthcare in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. If your appointment determines that you do qualify for services at the Neighborhood Center, a physical will be scheduled if you are seeking primary care, a counseling appointment will be scheduled for those seeking mental health services. Fees for visits are determined by an affordable sliding scale based on your income. Our goal is to make sure that you get the health care you need regardless of your ability to pay.

Who provides the services at the Center?
Fully licensed and accredited medical professionals provide our services. The majority are volunteers. Some give time from current practices, while others are newly retired, but volunteer time to care for Center patients. Medical students from the University of Rochester see Center patients on Tuesday evenings, but are supervised by fully licensed, on-site Medical School physicians.

How long does it usually take for a new patient to be seen?
St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center is usually able to see a new patient for the Healthcare Access appointment within one week of your call. If you qualify for services, a physical may be scheduled within the next week. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings for appointments, as well as Monday through Friday for daytime appointments.

What if I need dental care?
In order to receive dental care at the Center, we ask you to schedule the Healthcare Access appointment and schedule your physical; once you are enrolled as a client, you are welcome to schedule your first dental hygiene appointment.

If I make an appointment, but have to cancel it, will I be charged?
Please call us as early as possible, if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. In fact, due to high demand for our services, we have initiated a NO SHOW policy. If you miss two appointments without calling to cancel, you will be charged $10. After a third no show/no call, a $20 fee must be paid before an appointment can be made and we will assess your status as a patient.

Do you offer prescription assistance?
Clients enrolled as patients of the Center are able to receive prescriptions at the Center. If you do not qualify for services at the Center, we are able to refer you to other prescription programs.

If my need is counseling or psychiatry, how do I receive services?
The Counseling and Community Services Program of the Center provides psychiatry and counseling service for individuals and families who do not have required insurance. Counseling clients are expected to have a primary care physician or to arrange for medical health care at the Center. This program has a separate process. Call 325-5260, ext. 1024 to begin this process.

Can you provide psychiatric medications?
The Center's policy is that clients receiving counseling through the Center may also receive psycho-therapeutic medications. You must be enrolled as a Counseling client to receive medications.

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