Mission Statement
St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center, rooted in the caring tradition of the Sisters of St. Josephprovides comprehensive physical and mental health services to uninsured and under-insured people in and around Rochester, New York.
On Tuesday, October 3rd, at the Westside Farmers Market, our own Robyn Carter was interviewed live, by Patti Singer of Democrat and Chronicle Digital. Her topic: understand your health insurance. For about 30 minutes, a small crowd watched at the Farmers Market as Robyn discussed health insurance options, answering questions from Patti and viewers. During that time, more than 1,400 watched “live” and in following hours the piece garners more than 3,500 views and 15 “shares.” Open enrollment time is coming up and questions of health insurance and access to health care are on all our minds.
New at The Center:
By day, Chris Bell is the executive director of the Monroe County Medical Society. Sister Chris Wagner works with him on strengthening healthcare in our community, day by day. But on a recent Saturday morning, he led a team of 15 volunteers connected to the University of Rochester in a project to repair and rejuvenate the garden beds at St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center. The Global Day of Service allowed alumni and their friends to make a real difference at the Neighborhood Center. 

This first ever effort, scheduled a few weeks after the students' Wilson Day of Community Service, was part of a worldwide effort to make a positive change, in a university community's backyards, and in this case, our ACTUAL backyard! 

Walks were reestablished, weeds removed, new garden walls built and flowers and shrubs, just waiting to find the sunshine, are growing better than ever. So much is fueled by coffee, danish, donuts and a desire to do good. Thank you University of Rochester alumni and friends.
Front Page News

Last year, thousands of people came to St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center because they couldn't afford medical appointments, treatment or medicine. About 70 percent of them work. Ironically, many work in health care. 
They are home health aides for the elderly. They wheel patients to surgery at local hospitals. They clean the bathrooms at doctors’ offices. They earn too much to qualify for Medicaid. They earn too little to purchase health insurance that includes benefits that they can afford to use.  MORE...
Our June 7th Auction and Party was the biggest success ever!! With over 400 attendees, we raised almost $104,000 for the Center.

An enormous thank you, with much heartfelt appreciation to our very generous sponsors. Before the evening began, we had sponsor pledges of $80,000, record-breaking donations.

Cajoled and encouraged by our multi-talented auctioneer, Dr. John Gillespie, attendees bid generously on our live auction items. And our silent auction, always a favorite, brought in a significant amount.

Once again Big Blue House was a hit, and several people took to the dance floor.

All in all, we are grateful for a wildly successful, fun-filled evening, made possible by the work of our energetic event committee, many volunteers, and the talents of Creative Caterers.

"Save the Date" for next year’s event,
Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

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